Setup Your Business for Success

Are you ready for success? Is your business ready? Let our team of experts assess and guide you through the right path. Don't settle for good enough, strive for greatness. 


Software Architecture & Development

Give your business a productivity boost. Our solutions allow end users to be more efficient and productive with their time. From custom solutions, to software modernization, fuxebox can help your business grow.

Custom Software Solutions
Every business is unique, and so are their needs. When cookie cutter solutions fail to meet expectations, it may be time for a customized solution. Our experienced engineering team can help you and your business find the right solution.

Application Modernization
The rapid evolution of technology brings with it many challenges to businesses: modern development standards, mobile access, and even the deprecation of old development platforms.

End-users nowadays expect information to be quickly available at their fingertips, in an easy to use and enjoyable interface. User experience matters when it can boost productivity to new heights.

Our team can identify common pitfalls in your current application based on end-user interviews, use cases analysis, and business goals. We'll suggest a clear action plan to bring your current application to the modern world.

Stagnation has never being a trait of successful companies. Is it time for your business to move on?

Microservice Architecture
Bring order to the chaos. Not so long ago system integration providers dealt with multiple back-end and third-party providers as separate entities. Having to deal with multiple connection URIs, authentication credentials, and communication interfaces, was a common design pattern.

A modern microservice architecture allows your systems interface with a well defined, lightweight single interface. It enables rapid development and instant re-usability.

Our engineers can assess your current system architecture, recommend a sensible solution, and help your business get on the right track.


A solid infrastructure is the base of your business. At fuxebox we understand the value of a well planned infrastructure; be it on-premise or on the cloud.

Cloud Migration
Is cloud migration right for your business? Let us know! From education to migration, our team can help guide you to the right cloud solution that fits your business needs.

In need of a face-lift for your network? Let Fuxebox do the hard work so your IT team can concentrate on their daily tasks.

Network and Server Management

  • End to end network management
  • Patch management and preventive maintenance
  • Back-ups and recovery
  • Real-time [remote] systems and network monitoring

Virtual Help Desk
Enjoy the peace of mind that a remote and on-site 24/7 support help desk will provide. Rest assured, all your business needs will be met.

Desktop Deployment Services
Fuxebox has decades of experience doing desktop deployment. Avoid the risks of having out-of-date workstations; we'll help you coordinate and fulfill OS and application updates, as well as other desktop deployment needs.

Mobile Device Management
Do you know how many mobile devices are connecting to your business network? Who has enterprise services configured in their personal devices? Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies can help a business cut on their hardware spending, but will also open the door to a whole new set of security and privacy risks. Knowing this information, and having the right policies in place is paramount to safeguarding the data in your organization.

End User Training
Throughout the years we have been able to see how an educated end user community reduces IT expenses. Some of our specialty training include:

  • Cybersecurity - How to handle the threats the end user community faces (social engineering, email management, password management, etc.)
  • New Hire Education - Make sure every new team member knows about best practices with data, equipment, and network access.


Hundreds of terabytes are exchanged every minute on the internet, everyday. The data flowing through the information super highway is unstoppable; and so are the threats. Viruses, malware, and ransom-ware [among others] are a constant hazard for all types of businesses.

Having an expert cybersecurity staff has become an essential part for any business trying to thrive in this risky environment. Unfortunately, most companies don't have enough resources to have their own in-house cybersecurity staff.

Fuxebox provides flexible and affordable services that allows your business stay safe and sound in this modern and menacing environment.

Continuous Monitoring
Knowing what happens within your network is key for a strong and reliable cybersecurity plan. With the right monitoring policy you will help prevent potential problems even before they happen.

Threat Management and Remediation
Our Risk & Compliance team, will help your business establish a streamlined protocol to detect, plan, and re-mediate security vulnerabilities. Limiting any future risks guarantees continuous operation, and increased business value.

Even the best security strategies may encounter undesired hiccups. Having a solid recovery plan can help your business limit down time, and the expenses that come with it. Fuxebox can help you implement the right contingency plan for your business.

Assessment Services
Stay on top of FISMA audits. From consulting and expert advice, to personnel placement, we'll help your business on all audit areas.